Cohiba Siglo V Cuban Cigars

Cohiba Siglo V – 25 cigars measuring 6.7 inches by 43.
The Cohiba Siglo V is an exquisite cigar with a strong flavor, which is not too strong.

Numerous notes such as wood, earth are all held together by an amazing creaminess.
This a very good cigar in the Siglo collection because of its beautiful built.
The Cohiba Siglo V is a distinguished Habanos.

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The Cohiba Siglo V is presented as 5 cardboard packs of 5 cigars that are wrapped in separate aluminum tubes with Habanos Packing Code D-C-C/P-3-A/T-15.

Length: 6.7 inches (170mm)
Diameter: 17.07 mm
Ring gauge: 43
Shape: Dalia / Lonsdale

The Siglo V comes in light chocolaty wrapping that reminds you of a Colorado cigar. It has an amazing build with veins that are not too prominent. The triple cap nicely fits and the seams are well done as they are barely visible.

Smoking Experience:
Before you start.
You can perceive both grassy and earthy notes come from the wrapping.

This Cohiba is not hard to cut but opens without problem. The draw is not open but tight when it is still cold and remains the same even when lit. Grassy and earthy flavors greet you as soon as you light it up along with a dash of salt. These flavors are prominent, which combine with the class. As you start, a citrus flavor, probably of lemon is detected here. The burn is very good and goes in a straight line. The ash will remain at the end of the cigar, and each draw will give off a bountiful amount of smoke

Premier third:
At the beginning of the thirds, the Cohiba Siglo V shows you why it is an exquisite Cohiba as it gives off well-known Cuban notes. You also experience a very bold tobacco flavor, as expected. This is mixed with the equally strong flavors of cedar and coffee. Grassy notes are not left out, as they are present in the entire Siglo Linea. Leather, pepper and the acid nature of citrus fruits make this premier third more complex. Creaminess, sweet notes and vanilla present here even out the stronger flavors here. The combination of these flavors are okay and will be a delight to your sense as they balance each other perfectly.

Intermediate third:
A change in the intensity of flavors is felt here. The coffee becomes darker and tends to be bitter than the previous third. A hint of spicy flavors can be tasted along with earthy flavors that become more prominent as you progress. Sweetness is present and is a bit acid-like that reminds one of sweetness in fruits. Pecan and macadamia give this a nutty twist to this sweetness. Creamy notes wrap up this exotic mix of flavors as they remind you of a trail mixture. This magnificent mix of flavors fuses with each other to create an incredible mix that combines sweet with sour, and strong with mild.

Last third:
Here, you begin to taste more saltiness in this Cohiba as the grassy notes come even more alive. The earthy notes closely follow, as they equally become stronger, almost having a leathery taste. The remaining Vanilla from the previous third is the only sweet flavor left, accompanied by the taste of lemon sorbet. Chocolate now becomes less delicious as the tone now resembles that of darker chocolate. The profile of the cigar is slightly bigger as it is gradually changes into a full profile.

The Cohiba Siglo V is an exquisite cigar that has a variety of different strong flavors that do not come off as too strong but are very bold.

Anywhere from 1hr 30 mins – 1hr 50 mins

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Cohiba - Siglo V

Brand: Cohiba
Vitola: Siglo V
Galera: Dalias
Length: 170 mm
Cepo: 43
Flavour: Medium
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