Cohiba Espléndidos Cuban Cigars

A wonderful if veiny wrapper. It produces a perfect draw and burn, bestowing rich, toasty notes of leather, earth, and cedar. It’s a slightly sweet, with a medium body.

Cohiba Esplendido 25 cigars measuring 7 inches by 47’.


A remarkable Cohiba that is well-known in the industry.

• A deluxe mix of wood and tobacco.
• Strong in a powerful manner.

One cigar that should not be missing from your collection.

Packed in a lacquered semi boite nature contains 25 cigars comes with a Habanaro Packing Code

Length: 178 mm

Diameter: 18.65 mm

Ring gauge: 47

Shape: Churchill

Wrapped in a light brown paper, the Cohiba Esplendidos is beautifully packed. At first sight, you will notice how the paper shines faintly due to the oil on it. Its beautiful wrapping does not in any way signify its strength: it is strong as the cigar is made with choice leaves from Abajo. It comes with a signature Cuban cap of three, and a few veins here and there.

Smoking experience:
Before you start.
As you start the Cohiba Esplendidos, it lets out a mix of delicious flavors. Honey and caramel can immediately be picked out from the mix. Beneath the initial sweetness, some strong flavors also can also be detected such as cedar and leather. Spicy notes are not left out as they warp up the aromas.

Burn/ draw
As soon as it is lit up. The cigar starts off marvelously. When you draw it, you notice that some resistance is present, but it is not excessive. As you go on, the ashes begin to accumulate at the end, for about an inch or two before they fall off. The bum is not fully straight but straightens itself out from time to time. With each draw, a copious amount of smoke is being let out. One advantage you have while smoking this cigar is that it will not finish while you are still on it.

Initial third:
In the premier third, earthy flavors of wood and leather immediately meet you. The smoothness of the Cohiba Espledidios is well-noticed here. Spicy notes such as those of red and white pepper carry you long your smoke, although they are almost finished by the time you leave this third. The earthy flavors are escorted by some delicious notes like those of honey and flowers. The creamy nature of this Cohiba is well maintained, as all flavors are nicely mixed together. By the time you finish off your first third, you would have gotten a hint of the nutty note to come.

Intermediate third.
In the intermediate third, this cigar demonstrates its unique side. The light aromas you previously experienced now come off as stronger here. You begin to experience a richer, creamier taste coupled with French vanilla and toffees. This sweet mix is completed with nuts. Most prominent of them is hazelnut, which teams up with cocoa to give you something reminiscent of the popular Nutella spread, this unique flavor is experienced from the start of your smoke till the very end. Sweet flavors are not the only flavors here, as the scent of cedar, leather and flowers can so be perceived.

Last third:
In this third, this executive cigar demonstrates its excellence in a beautiful finish. Towards the end, you experience a transition into a sweet Vanilla flavor. In addition to the Vanilla, you get to taste both chocolate and cocoa flavors that scintillate your senses. The richness of the earth can also be tasted, giving the cigar a distinct taste.

The Cohiba Eslendidos is a high-end cigar, where high price matches the experience. You begin to discover its excellence from the moment you take it out of the enclosure. Its numerous flavors are well-balanced and do not come off as too strong, giving you a luxurious experience. It goes well with a serving of wine and is suited for an afternoon drag or evening dinner.

Can last around 2 hours.


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Cohiba - Espléndidos

Brand: Cohiba
Vitola: Espléndidos
Galera: Julieta No. 2
Length: 178 mm
Cepo: 47
Flavour: Medium to Full
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