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Cigar lovers are always excited at the sight of Cohiba Behike BHK 54

Cohiba Behike 54, cigar lovers are always excited at the sight of Cohiba Behike BHK 54 Cuban cigars, in 2010, the Cohiba Behike BHK 54 cigar was unanimously voted as the cigar of the year by Cigar enthusiasts; this was accompanied with high praises for the chubby smoke cigar. It is general knowledge that Cohiba behikes are produced from an extraction of leaves called Medio tempo tobacco; these leaves grow on a select set of tobacco plants of Cuban origin. Once upon a time, that filler component was mixed with other strong tobaccos in cigars; however, it is now processed separately, and it has become the main ingredient in the behike brand of Cigars. As expected, the outcome is a bold and leathery smoke that’s characterized by its pleasant savor of coffee beans. The Behike cigar brand is one that has rich content with an abundance of flavors. Even though Cohiba Behike BHK 54 cigar brand ranks amongst the most expensive cigars, the distinguishing flavor makes it worth every penny.


Since its announcement in February 2010, the Cohiba Behike cigar has lived up to its hype. As soon as it hit the market later in many that year, Cigar lovers became enchanted and overwhelmingly voted one of its variant the top smoke in that year. It’ll be an understatement to opine that this cigar has garnered its fair share of accolades. It is well expected that this year’s behike will supersede previously set standards of cigar.
The BHK 54 cigars embody luxury and exclusivity with its aesthetic appeal. The BHK 54 is enclosed in a pleasant reddish wrap alongside a band that’s hologram-like. You’ll find filler tobaccos underneath the wrap; the Medio Tiempo, a sun-grown leaf on tobacco plants, takes a particular portion of the ingredient. Also, a portion of the pigtail cap is shaved to enhance the appeal of the cigar’s seemingly crowded interior. You are most likely to be met with a combination of honey ad hay when you unpack the cigar. The BHK 54 gives off a plethora of aromas when lit; cedar, coffee, cream, and truffle, to name a few. When the cigar burns beyond the midway point, there are traces of powdery cinnamon on the cigar’s finish.


3.3/5 (17 Reviews)

Cohiba - Behike BHK 54

Brand: Cohiba
Vitola: BHK 54
Galera: Laguito No. 5
Length: 144 mm
Cepo: 54
Flavour: Full
3.3/5 (17 Reviews)


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