Flor de Cano Cuban Cigars

Flor de Cano Cuban cigars is an old Cuban cigar brand that started in 1884. A lot of the famous cigars in the collector’s word originate from the brand.

Flor de Cano Cuban cigars provide both aroma and flavor at a medium cost. Currently, every Flor de Cano is a short filler and completely handcrafted Habanos made of Semiu Vuelta and Vuelta Abajo leaf.


Flor de Cano Cuban cigars was launched in 1884 and was set up before the revolution.

Flor de Cano was categorized under ‘Other Brands’ marketing class. Based on the pre-2019 classification system, it is considered a local brand. The brand has just a few cigars in production and a small market share. Nevertheless, it gets infrequent Regional Edition release.
The range consists of medium strength cigars, with tobacco mixed from the Semi Vuelta and Vuelta Abajo regions.