Fonseca Cuban Cigars

An elegant cigar, the Fonseca brand is the only Cuban Cigars, that offers all its cigars wrapped in remarkably delicate, almost transparent paper.


This wrapping is thought to help the cigar maintain an optimum level of humidity. The wrapper also shields the cigar from damage.

Cigar connoisseur love the unique appearance of Fonseca cigars. Spaniard Don Francisco Fonseca initially registered the Fonseca brand in 1907. In the early 20th century, the Cuban Fonseca cigar we’re produced in several cigar factories in Havana. Cuban Fonseca cigars are now produced in Quivicán, a tiny town in Havana province.

The flavor associated with a Fonseca cigar is a mild sweetness and an aromatic herbal characteristic. The mild characteristics of the Fonseca brand suggest that it offers an opportunity for beginners to exercise their palate there with a Cuban.