bolivar coronas extra

This cigar is one of the very rare full-bodied cigars in Corona history. It is a perfectly great after lunch choice for many elites. It comes in the format of 13 mm, which makes it 1/2 mm longer than other Coronas.


It has a perfect blend and a great strength. This cigar has a unique format, roll, and composition, which makes it the Strongest of all the Bolivar. When compared with the Coronas, it can be likened to H. Upmann but is way stronger than the Hoyo du Roi from Hoyo de Monterrey.

The Product comes in a pack containing 25 cigars [5.6″ x 44]. It is a very rigid and exceptional cigar for elites and great cigar smokers.

Its Features
Let us look at the features of Bolivar Coronas Extra:

It has a length of 143 mm, Diameter of 17.46 mm, a Ring gauge of 44, and a Shape of Corona.

The Smoking Notes of the Cigar
Its Smoking time
The smoking time of Bolivar Coronas Extra is 60 to 90 minutes.

Anytime you lay your hands on Bolivar Coronas Extra, just know that you have got the strongest Bolivar with you at that moment!


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Bolivar - Coronas Extra

Brand: Bolivar
Vitola: Bolivar Coronas Extra
Galera: Franciscos
Length: 143 mm
Cepo: 44
Flavour: Full
0/5 (0 Reviews)


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