30 Ring Gauge

Cuban Cohiba Cigar Mix When you grab a cigar 30 Ring Gauge, the first point of focus is on the size of that ring gauge. The width of the cigar measured in 1/64 inch increments. A 32-ring gauge is a one-half inch, while a 64-ring gauge is an entire inch in diameter. While this is enormous, most cuban cigar fall between a 32- and 52-ring caliber.


The ring indicator has a meaningful effect on smoke cooling. A more massive caliber cigar will generally have a more natural draft. This is because filler sheets have more access to oxygen, making them burn more easily. Increased airflow makes the smoke cooler, making any session more enjoyable. If you like to smoke your cigar lightly, a large ring gauge will be more attractive.

On the other hand, smoking a smaller caliber ring will be very different. Here are a few options Trinidad Cigar, Cohiba Cigars, and Montecristo Edmundo. Many associates the attraction to slurping a thick smoothie through a straw. The jerk will be noticeably hard, and the smoke will be a little harder. This is not intended to discourage the enjoyment of cigar with smaller rings. Some people prefer to huff and puff during a smoking session, so let your preference be your guide.

Another circumstance to consider when determining a ring gauge is comfort. Holding a fat cigar between your teeth will make you drool, which will soak the cigar and spoil the taste. This means that most of the weight will have to be supported by your lips. Not everyone has identical mouth size, so size preference depends solely on the person.