Montecristo Regata Cuban Cigars

Montecristo Open Regata with 20 cigars measuring 5.3” x 46
The Montecristo Open Regata is an ideal option for those looking to get a medium cigar for a pleasurable afternoon smoke.
The cigar is well constructed and it packs some typical Cuban flavors like spices, wood, hay, nuts and leather.
The cigar becomes smoother when it is aged for about 2 to 3 years.
You get a proper Montecristo experience with this cigar and it also appeals to veteran smokers.

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The Montecristo Open Regata is packed in a dress container housing 20 cigars and its Habanos packing code is CB-UW-C/L-10-n-20

Length: 135mm (5.3”)
Diameter: 18.26mm
Ring gauge: 46
Shape: Forum

The appearance of the cigar is amazing. It first appears to look like the shorter and thinner version of a torpedo, similar to the shorter No.2. The color of the wrapper is light chocolate brown, this makes it a Colorado in accordance with wrapper classification; however, it has fewer number of visible veins. The wrapper also sports a nice layer of oil that’s thin. The cigar feels heavy and dense when held but it is firm all the way. The rolling quality is topnotch and the tip of its head is flawless. The cigar has a second band that’s classy green in color alongside the vitola name and the golden letter open.

Smoking Notes:
Pre-lighting up
When it’s not lit, the foot of the cigar has typical Cuban smells alongside notes of tobacco with sweet and sour cedar.

Burn/ Draw
As soon as the cigar is cut, it unleashes an excellent draw that consists of woody (especially cedary) flavor. The cigar is easily lit and the first draw releases dominant woody flavor alongside floral properties (combination of lemon grass and hay) with notes of burnt sweetness towards the end. The burn is quite regular from start to finish, any irregularity in burn eventually corrects itself. The light gray colored ash builds on nicely at the cigar’s head and reaches an inch long. The cigar gives off a billow of smoke clouds that are smooth.

Initial third:
The cigar immediately kicks off as medium to full body with the presence of clear woody flavors, similar to oak; chocolate notes are also present. Upon subsequent draws, tobacco, spices and strong cedar become the dominant flavors. Hints of burnt sweetness and hay are also noticeable.

Middle third:
Now at medium body, the middle third is a bit smoother but the flavors have transformed into a darker profile. Presence of powerful leathery notes, musty notes and woody flavor are now noticeable. More spices enter the mix alongside sweet earthy notes, a nutty profile and hints of hazelnuts. Hints of licorice are also present. The burn of the cigar remains perfecta and the draw is without any issues.

Final third:
The nutty flavors are no longer present in the final third nut flavors of tobacco, cedar and hay remain. The level of spices increase while notes of white pepper, cinnamon and hints of coffee start to become noticeable. The cigar’s strength maintains medium body in the final third.

Summarily, the smoke is great even though it’s a bit complex and has a short smoking duration.

Smoking time:
Between 60 to 80 minutes

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5/5 (1 Review)

Montecristo - Regata

Brand: Montecristo
Vitola: Regata
Galera: Fórum
Length: 135 mm
Cepo: 46
Flavour: Medium
5/5 (1 Review)


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