Montecristo Montecristo A Cuban Cigars

One of the classic top cigars amongst the Cuban size range and an excellent choice for smokers who like the large formats. This great Corona assumes a leading position amongst other cigars, and it’s the ideal Habano for big events. It is definitely not the strongest within its family brand, but it has a huge reputation. Its length demands that it be enclosed in a quality wrapper, and this makes its presentation impactful in a positive way.
Being a giant Vitola, it is usually kept for festivities. Everyone agrees that Montecristo A is truly special. Despite its prestige, many enthusiasts are not impressed by the lack of herbal taste in its initial third. Hints of cedar notes and spice begin to appear at the start of the second third. However, the smoke blows dry and hot all of a sudden. The draw is now a bit difficult while the final stages become aggressive.


The cigar is packaged in a dress box of 5 that’s enclosed in separate slide lid boxes. Its elegance makes it proper for the purpose of gifts.

Length: 235mm
Diameter: 18.65mm
Ring gauge: 47

Shape: Gran Corona


5/5 (1 Review)

Montecristo - Montecristo A

Brand: Montecristo
Vitola: Montecristo A
Galera: Gran Corona
Length: 235 mm
Cepo: 47
Flavour: Medium to Full
5/5 (1 Review)


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