H. Upmann Upmann No.2 Cuban Cigars

The draw and burning on this torpedo are great. Medium-bodied notes of leather, earth, and toasted coconut make this stogie tasty and lovely.

H. Upmann - Upmann No.2

Brand: H. Upmann
Vitola: Upmann No.2
Galera: Pirámides
Length: 156 mm
Cepo: 52
Flavour: Light to Medium
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Without any doubt, Bolivar Petit Coronas is the bestselling cigar amongst all the Petit Coronas; it is the most sought after!


The Product comes in a pack containing 25 cigars [5.1″ x 42]. It has the following unique characteristics: • It has a thin ring gauge which gives it a very fast burn with maintained responsiveness. • With aging, the rich and exotic blend is splendidly at its peak. It has a perfect burn that lasts the whole length and its construction is tightly dense. It starts with a rich creamy, leathery smoke which switches to a deep, satisfying smoke later on. This well-blended and composite vitola would have you feeling very relaxed and refreshed as it is very enjoyable. Its Features Let us look at the features of Bolivar Petit Coronas: Presentation The product presents in a dress box consisting of 25 cigars and is with the Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12, 13-n-25. Dimensions It has a length of 129 mm, a Diameter of 16.67 mm, a Ring gauge of 42, and a Shape of Petit Corona/Mareva. Appearance The cigar is a neatly constructed one with a form and neat pack. It comes in a catchy golden brown, smooth wrapper with some little veins and its semi-box with a nice cap that is neatly pressed. The Smoking Notes of the Cigar Its Smoking time The smoking time of Bolivar Petit Coronas is 60 to 90 minutes. The Cigar before lighting it up The cigar has a strong wood aroma with cocoa and musky scent on the wrapper too. Its Burn and Draw It has a firm draw that is not bad and it lights up quite easily. It self corrects any uneven burn and it forms thick grey ash with very rich smoke. The Initial third stage At this stage, the cigar is medium-bodied and it has a strong taste of earth and wood with a touch of spice. The Middle third stage Here, the cigar becomes a full-bodied one with a whole lot of spices. The flavors become more sophisticated with the earthy flavor being on the high. The creaminess begins as flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and coffee, start to appear. The Final third stage At this stage, the flavors all get balanced and very creamy. It gives the flavors of spice, wood, cocoa, and fruits. To enjoy this vitola at its fullest, smoke it slowly as it has a lot of aging potentials Bolivar Petit Coronas is a very exotic and enjoyable cigar. When smoked slowly, you get to enjoy its full awesomeness without feeling overwhelmed.