Cohiba BHK 52 Cuban Cigars

Cigar Enthusiasts will surely testify that no cigar brand carries as much esteem and prestige as the Cuban Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar.

Cohiba Behike 52, Cigar Enthusiasts will surely testify that no Cuban cigars or cigar brand carry as much esteem and prestige as the Cuban Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar. The Cigar brand kicked off production in 2006 with quick sales of just 4000 cigars via a limited release. On the secondary market, the pioneer version of the cigar is now being sold for thousands. A revised Behike line, BHK, was released in 2010 through an announcement from Habanos S.A, and it maintained its limited release. This project birthed the Cuban Cohiba Cigar.


Cohiba was coined from the Taino version of tobacco; the tribe was an indigenous one that was spread across various Caribbean islands, Cuba inclusive. The term ‘Behike’ was gotten from the name of one of the Taino Tribe’s Chief. Hand rolling of the Cuban Cohiba Behike 52 cigar takes place at the legendary El Laguito factory, where a huge chunk of Cuban cigars was prepared for almost a century. Unlike the original behike, this blend incorporates the Medio Tempo tobacco leaves from the Apex of tobacco plants into its ingredients. These leaves have direct exposure to the sunlight, and it adds to its flavor and strength. The 52 remains one of the strongest Cohiba releases ever because the Medio Tempo leaves are layered across the cigar.
Rolled into an impressive thicker and voluminous size, the Cuban Cohiba Behike 52 boasts an impressive ring gauge numbering 52. The flavor profile gives various phases of ecstasy; starting with the spicy and rich before evolving to the sweet spice and vanilla; cedar can be felt around the middle. In terms of excellent construction, there’s an impressive array of an open draw, even burn alongside a huge amount of meaty smoke. The cigar can be smoked from top to nub without necessarily having the needs of a lighter for correction purposes.
The Cuban Cohiba Behike 52 cigar is highly recommended; you should try it out.


3.5/5 (40 Reviews)

Cohiba - Behike BHK 52

Brand: Cohiba
Vitola: BHK 52
Galera: Laguito No. 4
Length: 119 mm
Cepo: 52
Flavour: Full
3.5/5 (40 Reviews)


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