Bolivar Royal Coronas

Many elites believe Bolivar Royal Coronas to be part of the “Top 5 Robustos”. This is because it is one of the best Robusto out there and it has very good quality.


The Product comes in a pack containing 25 cigars [4.9″ x 50]. The cigar has the following uniqueness:

• It has a Rubosto shape that is very attractive and catchy to Havana’s smokers.
• It is a very good one for lovers of quick, richly flavored, rigid, and full-bodied Habanos.

It has well-blended earthy and peppery flavors.
It gives a feeling that is relaxing, refreshing, and highly enjoyable.

Its Features
Let us look at the features of Bolivar Royal Coronas:

The product presents in a cabinet boite nature box of 25 cigars and is with the Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12, 13-n-25.

It has a length of 124 mm, a Diameter of 19.85 mm, Ring gauge of 50, and a Shape of Robusto.

The cigar is with a wrapper that has a golden brown hue and is with a few veins. The cigar is silky in texture and it is shiny to look at.
The Smoking Notes of the Cigar
Its Smoking time
The smoking time of Bolivar Royal Coronas is 45 to 90 minutes.

The Cigar before lighting it up
The pre-lit stage of the cigar has a very sweet scent of hay, barnyard, coffee, and spices. It reminds you of the old days.

Its Burn and Draw
It has a loose draw which causes its smoke to be very thick and cloudy. It burns evenly all through and it self-corrects any inconsistency. It has a firm, light grey ash which stays more than an inch in length

The Initial third stage
The cigar meets you with a welcoming and suiting flavor at this stage. The flavors are hay, Asian spices, coffee, and wood. There is also some notes of soft cocoa after some time, with the barnyard flavor getting very encompassing and enjoyable.

The Middle third stage
At this point, the cigar is just an espresso bomb! Each pull at it feels like biting on a delicious, rich Italian roast. It continues this way for about thirty minutes and every draw appears to be even better and loaded than the previous one. New flavors are added at this stage. The barnyard flavor is still present, and there is a nice hint of leather, wood, and spices. It is indeed a very rich, flavor-filled, and rigid cigar.

The Final third stage
At this stage, the flavors are at the peak! There is a cool blend of the coffee and cocoa flavors mixed with nut and toasty flavor, and a barnyard twang. There is also a solid touch of leather and spice at the end.

One very unique feature you would find amazing in this cigar is that it is always enjoyable both when young and aged, you do not need any wait to feel its pleasure. It is however at its peak of awesomeness when it is aged.


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Bolivar - Royal Coronas

Brand: Bolivar
Vitola: Royal Coronas
Galera: Robustos
Length: 124 mm
Cepo: 50
Flavour: Full
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