Bolivar Coronas Junior

This cigar is also known as Corona Corta (Short Corona). It has the same gauge as a Corona but is only 110 mm (4 3/8 inches) long.


The Product comes in a pack containing 25 cigars [4.3″ x 42]. It has the following characteristics:

• This cigar is way smoother than other Coronas
• It is a treasurable unpopular cigar- you can call it a rare gem!

It is a small but mighty cigar with very impressive deliveries of oaky and leathery notes.

Its Features
Let us look at the features of Bolivar Coronas Junior:

The product presents in a dress box consisting of 25 cigars and is with the Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-C/L-12, 13-n-25.
It has a length of 110 mm, a Diameter of 16.67 mm, a Ring gauge of 42, and a Shape of Minutos/Petit Corona.

The cigar has a greasy, dark, and very attractive wrapper. Its foot has a good bunch.

The Smoking Notes of the Cigar
Its Smoking time
The smoking time of Bolivar Coronas Junior is 30 to 45 minutes.

The Cigar before lighting it up
The pre-light stage has hints of hay, tobacco, and honey.

Its Burn and Draw
It has an even burn with a slightly tight burn.

The Initial third stage
The cigar is very tasty and it produces a flavor of sweet tobacco with a pinch of robust leather.

The Middle third stage
At this stage, the leather flavor is still felt with a new dark chocolate flavor that stylishly appears and disappears.

The Final third stage
The leather taste continues at this stage alongside a really smooth creaminess.

You would be really excited at the surprisingly matured nature of this cigar, and if you are a lover of the Ramon Allones Small Club, this cigar is for you!


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Bolivar - Coronas Junior

Brand: Bolivar
Vitola: Coronas Junior
Galera: Minutos
Length: 110 mm
Cepo: 42
Flavour: Full
0/5 (0 Reviews)


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