Bolivar Bolivar Tubos No.1 Cuban Cigars

A slender corona that layers the palate with robust and earthy smoke full of spice and strong oakiness. A cashew note additionally comes through.

Have you had a taste of the Bolivar Gigantes SLB CAB before?! The cigar leaves you with a lasting and enjoyable taste that keeps you for almost two hours. Have you ever tasted a cigar and the next feeling you have is like having a walk in a dark forest? The Bolivar Tubos No.1 gives that feeling!


The product is a medium-full body cigar filled with a whole lot of dank and earthy flavors. It comes in a pack containing 25 cigars [5.6″ x 42]. This cigar is so exceptional because:
• This cigar has similar tastes with the Bolivar Coronas.
• Powerful leathery, earthy, and woody flavors.
• A very composite cigar that would become even better after some aging time.

Its Features
Let us look at the features of Bolivar Tubos No. 1:

The product presents in a dress box consisting of 24 cigars and is with the Habanos Packing CB-UW-C/S-9, 9, 7-A/T-25
It has a length of 142 mm, Diameter of 16.67 mm, Ring gauge of 42, and a Shape of Corona.

The cigar has a very admirable construction as it is neatly packed, very even, and it comes with an amazing double cap. Its wrapper is greasy, perfect, and a bit bumpy with few visible veins. It comes in a pretty dark colour.

The Smoking Notes of the Cigar
Its Smoking time
The smoking time of Bolivar Tubos No. 1 is 60 to 90 minutes.

The Cigar before lighting it up
The pre-light stage of the cigar comes with an awesome blend of aromas. It has a light tobacco smell and it can be likened to potpourri smell. You enjoy sweet, dank, and earthy aromas of the cigar even before you light it up.

Its Burn and Draw
It has an even burn all through and the draw is just so perfect! It has a perfect burn light all through and the draw is open and nice throughout. The ash chunk can have a build-up that reaches up to an inch and half long before it falls off.

The Initial third stage
At this stage, you are welcomed with a potpourri like and sweet tobacco aroma. The initial third stage is dominated by a very strong earthy and leathery flavor mixed with some roasted fruit aromas. A kind of spicy taste is also picked but it quickly gives way for a more leathery and woody cedar aroma. Each draw of the cigar produces a good amount of smoke with an amazing aroma. It gives some deep aromas of dark tobacco, dark notes of moist forest, mushroom, and leather. Generally, the cigar is not of a harsh type.

The Middle third stage
At this point, the cigar remains very soft and gives away some sweetness for stronger earthy tones. Here, you feel a taste likened to a damp forest soil mixed with some leather and bread flavors. The sweet aroma of the cigar however remains and covers up for the general bitterness. You also feel some nice hints of spicy chocolate at the end.

The Final third stage
Here, the chocolate aromas overtake the strong bitter aromas as they fade away both on the draw and on the finish. This last stage creates a good amount of smoke and also with some hints of leather and smooth spices.

This cigar is one that you shouldn’t miss a chance to try, it is of a magnanimous construction with awesomely blended flavors!


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Bolivar - Bolivar Tubos No.1

Brand: Bolivar
Vitola: Bolivar Tubos No.1
Galera: Coronas
Length: 142 mm
Cepo: 42
Flavour: Full
0/5 (0 Reviews)


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